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What is It?

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is a best selling book written by Beth Haworth that shows people the best money saving tips for their Theme Park Vacation.

Beth Haworth is a best selling travel writer as well as an Ex-Disney Cast Member. Through that experience Beth shares her insiders view of all the best places to go and where to find the best discounts from travel costs, hotel deals, the best places to eat, where to get the best ticket deals, the best order to visit the parks & much, much more!

What’s inside the Book:

The book itself is quite extensive with over 100 pages of information that is updated regularly. This means that once you buy it once you get all the updates FREE for life. So no matter how many times you go you will always have access to the latest information & discount strategies which is something you can’t get from a normal book.

Normally you would have to purchase an updated version of a book if you wanted the latest edition. For example, a street directory will have new streets and landmarks included in each edition so if you want to know about them you have to buy a new directory every year. With this book, once you purchase it once you will never have to pay for any updated editions!

Beth has included a number of strategies to follow depending on where you want to spend most of your time. She also includes 12 shortcuts to success to help you choose the best accommodation options. Included in the package are exclusive 5, 7 & 10 day park hopper ticket discounts only available to the Savings Guide readers. There are even “hidden entrances” so you can bypass some of the long lines.

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Why you should read it:

Let’s face it we all want to save money – especially when we’re on holiday. Saving money means we can do & see more things in the limited time we have available. It’s always best to plan a theme park vacation BEFORE you go so you’re not wasting precious holiday time once you’re there.

Planning means deciding things like how to get there, where to stay, what to do, what to buy & what to bring with you. Where do you go if the weather turns bad and what are the main attractions you want to see.

There’s no doubt that if you find yourself making big savings on things like tickets, food, accommodation etc you tend to enjoy the experience more. You’ll also find that you’ll be able to do & see more things on the same budget.


  • Easy to read and easy to follow
  • Receive lifetime access to updates
  • Instant download – no waiting for delivery
  • Shows discounts available inside and outside the Theme Park
  • Takes the guesswork out of knowing where to go and where to stay
  • Relatively inexpensive – especially with the updates included


  • Not widely advertised in mainstream media so not many people know about it
  • Can only be purchased direct from their website. Not available in outlet stores.

What we think:

We’re big kids ourselves so anything that makes it easier to spend some quality time at a big theme park has to be a good thing. The surprise was that the book really did deliver the kind of savings that more than made up for the cost of the book.

It’s especially recommended for families as the costs of travel, accommodation, food and ride tickets can mount up. Pre-arming yourself with this book will allow you to plan your visit with confidence and help you have a more worry-free family holiday.

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